Make Sure Your MSP Keeps Your Company Current

One particular issue that’s come up lately is that Managed Services Providers are content to let their customer’s technologies fall behind. This is probably due to the economy – everyone’s resources are stretched thin. Nevertheless, if you aren’t having regular conversations with your Managed Services Provider on how to gain a competitive advantage with your Information technology, there is no time like the present to start. If your MSP isn’t able to give you guidance, maybe it’s time to find a new IT Support Provider.

Don’t Ignore Your Information Technology

Is your business falling behind the competition? Your lack of investment in IT might be the answer. Technology for your business is critical. When you think about it, it is what makes your business work. Using outdated gear in your data center is often the root of IT problems. Slow systems, and frequent crashes are a huge drain on employee productivity, and eventually, your bottom line. Most IT executives agree that smart investments in IT pay big dividends. If your MSP doesn’t help, consider looking for new provider.

Managed Services Can Make Good Financial Sense

For many SMB’s, technology investment is painful. One cost effective solution is engaging a Managed Services Provider. MSPs usually work at a fixed monthly rate, and can help you allocate budget for technology improvements.

Look for an MSP that provides a Virtual CIO

Some MSPs provide a Virtual CIO (vCIO) to their customers. The vCIO’s responsibility is to provide technology analysis and guidance. Most vCIOs have extensive business and technology experience, and are tasked with helping their clients not only improve their productivity, but will also help find IT Solutions that can deliver a competitive edge. They will investigate new Line of Business Applications, Unified Messaging Systems, and other productivity enhancing systems. Make sure to ask for an ROI analysis on any potential investment.

Have Your vCIO Recommend a Technology Investment Plan

Sensible Technology Investment starts with long-range budgeting. Think of your consultation with your vCIO as a meeting with your accountant or financial advisor. Don’t invest in Information Technology for the sake of being up to date. Insist on seeing an ROI. Then, put together a long term technology investment strategy that will show you the fastest ROI.

Communication Is Vital

When you talk to your MSP, be frank about your challenges and long range goals. Think about where you want your business to be 5 years from now. As any business owner knows, growth requires investment. A solid IT Investment plan will pay long term dividends.


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