What is ITIL and What it Means for Your Company

What is ITIL?What is ITIL, and why does it matter for your business? ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a globally-recognized, comprehensive set of guidelines and best practices for IT services. ITIL is often used by Managed IT Services companies to support businesses by creating a framework that handles all aspects of the company’s IT needs, big or small.


Why Does it Matter for Your Business?

The ITIL was created by the United Kingdom’s Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency in the 1980s. It took information from both public and private companies about their IT needs and management schemes. The resulting collection of practices has become a massive library of information. ITIL can be used to create a game plan for companies in regards to their IT needs now and in the future.

Benefits of ITIL

ITIL uses a proven, systematic approach to evaluating IT departments. The benefits can include reduced costs, improved functions, professional standards, better overall productivity and greater customer satisfaction. Managed IT services use ITIL to identify IT problems, create a management plan and then deliver the appropriate services to reach the company’s goals.

Ways to Implement ITIL

Implementing ITIL requires a person with the knowledge of processes and practices of ITIL. Depending on the size of the organization, this can be a person hired by the company, an outside company, or an ITIL compliant tool. This entity that oversees ITIL processes will help a company put together their plan or approach to overall IT development. The entity will also help the company with accountability, making sure that the IT department stays on task with the original plan, or adjusts goals as the business grows and changes.

ITIL Solves Common Problems

Many businesses, especially growing ones, run into the same common problems. ITIL can help with those from using the proven track records of other successful businesses. Often smaller companies have a small staff, or sometimes only one person who handles IT issues. As business and technology expands, so do the typical issues that arise. This means the IT department ends up in a reactive mindset, trying to act as technical support and fix problems. ITIL can create a proactive approach that prepares for problems and frees up the IT department for development.

How ITIL can Help Your Business

While ITIL was originally designed with larger businesses in mind, small-to-medium sized businesses can also benefit from IT best practices. Often, managed IT services are the best way to introduce ITIL to a smaller company. It does not require a new hire, and will often already have certification. Small businesses can benefit greatly from ITIL and put in place a plan easily expanded for growth as the company progresses. The business can start by focusing on one or two priorities and expand as needed.

ITIL has been widely recognized all over the world for its effective management of IT. While often underutilized for small businesses, ITIL can be scalable for any size company and put a plan in place that can grow with the business.

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