What is ISO 20000?

What is ISO 20000Many businesses may want to know “What is ISO 20000”?. The follow-up question should be “and how can it help my business”. This article will answer some of those basic questions to help you become more familiar with ISO 20000 and how exactly it can help companies of all sizes with its IT department. It will also cover how engaging a Managed IT Services Provider can help in this process.


What is ISO 20000?

ISO (International Standards Organization) 20000 is the global standard for IT services management. These requirements replaced BS 15000, developed by the British Standards Institution. Created in 2005, the ISO 20000 (ISO 20K) is meant to mirror the best practices described in the ITIL (Information Technology Information Library). The ISO 20K Processes can work with other frameworks, as well, and has since been revised. More or less, it is the standard that managed IT services work towards.

What Does ISO 20000 Actually Do?

ISO 20K is comprised of 2 parts. Part 1 provides specifications for IT Service Management. Part 2 is a code of practice for Managed IT Services. In 2011, the standards were revised to a new addition. If a company implements all levels of the standards, it can become ISO 20000 certified. The benefits of certification are numerous including improving business, better implementation and a reduction in IT interruptions.

ISO 20000 Certification

ISO 20K Certification happens in a 2 step process. A Lead Auditor will come into the business and review the system to see if it meets the minimal requirements of the standard. If the business does, the Lead Auditor will proceed to step 2, a full audit of the effectiveness of the system. Once these 2 things have been done, a business can become ISO 20000 certified. Managed IT services can help a company to prepare for the certification process and meet all the standards.

ISO 20000 in Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses can benefit just as much from ISO 20000 as a large business can. In fact, pushing a small company to conform to these kinds of standards early on can help make growth easier. ISO 20000 certification can save money and improve overall equality by making sure each part of the IT service is at its most effective. The framework provided by ISO 20000 combines people and processes with technology by giving the IT services specific business objectives.

How ISO 20000 Makes a Difference in Your Business

Basically, ISO 20000 works like a road map for the IT department in a company. It takes business objectives and then breaks them down into specific tasks and processes so that the entire company is aligned in its goals. The standard will make sure controls are in place to meet each of these goals, with or without managed IT services. Combining ISO 20K and ITIL can allow a business to measure overall performance better.

So, What is ISO 20K?  It is a global standard for IT that can make your company more efficient when it comes to technology and objectives. Any size business can become ISO certified through a simple auditing process. Managed IT services can help companies reach their full potential by conforming to the standard.

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