Top 5 Best Practices for Small Business Tech Support

Small Business Tech SupportSmall Business Tech Support is an often overlooked but very much needed part of any company. Without someone focusing on technology needs, most businesses will soon be underwater, unable to deal with day-to-day operations or the problems that arise during expansion. Whether you run internal IT Support, or a hire an external company, remember these 5 things.

Small Business Tech Support Tip #1: Necessity

It sounds incredibly basic, but before anything else, small business tech support needs to exist. Often small companies use one person who might have a little IT knowledge, or the owner just tries to fix each problem as it happens. This is not a good long term solution. Some kind of technical support needs to be established. It can be within the IT department, or for companies with very few employees, a managed service can provide small business tech support.

Small Business Tech Support Tip #2: Proficiency

Any small business tech support solution requires a certain amount of knowledge. Whoever handles the tech support needs to have professional education regarding the technical needs of small businesses. The employee or hired company should have proper certification and degrees to back-up their abilities. Tech support means more than just fixing a computer bug or downloading the right app; be sure to hire someone who understands how IT fits with the objectives of the business.

Small Business Tech Support Tip #3: Empathy

Skill and knowledge are a huge part of small business tech support, but much more goes into fixing a technical problem in the business world. IT support requires empathy. Everyone understands the frustration of not being able to do their job due to a technology problem. But the lack of empathy from tech support is a huge part of their bad reputation. Make sure whoever handles the tech support, does it with a human touch.

Small Business Tech Support Tip #4: Simplicity

Whatever solution your company chooses for its small business tech support, make sure it is a simple one. Tech support should not require constant supervision. Once in place, it should run smoothly. Be sure to review the best option for your company. Hiring an outside service can often simplify the entire process and leave less to worry about. On the other hand, hiring one person who can be physically present in your company might meet the company’s needs better.

Small Business Tech Support Tip #5: Accountability

Small business tech support requires accountability. IT Services for Small Business needs follow-through. Make sure to have a system in place to regularly review tech support. Prepare a contingency plan if the support is not meeting its obligations. Whether you hire a person or a company, tech support costs your business money; it is important to make sure that investment pays off for everyone in your business.

These are 5 of the best practices regarding tech support. They will work for any size business, though this article specifically looks at the needs of small companies. Once in place, IT Services for Small Business should be simple, knowledgeable, thoughtful and of course, live up to its potential. It is important to remember these 5 things when considering small business tech support.

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