What is Server Virtualization and How Can it Help Your Business?

Server virtualization is a system that allows you to run multiple operating systems or applications native to a particular operating system on the same machine. This is accomplished through the use of virtual machine applications, also known as VMware. Several IT Consulting Firms have individuals who specialize in VMware consulting, as this is becoming an increasingly popular method of doing business. More information about VMware consulting can be found below.

 Application Virtualization and Paravirtualization

Before we get started on the benefits of virtualization, it is important to know the two most popular methods of virtualization. This includes application virtualization, which provides all the components of a given application on one server. This makes it possible for PC programs to be run on a Mac and vice versa. The other common term you will encounter when dealing with VMware consulting is paravirtualization, which uses an applied program interface to run an application and thus makes some changes on an operation system level. Paravirtualization tends to have some performance advantages, but is also more complex and is best approached with the help of an IT consultant.

Less Capital Required

One of the biggest advantages of going virtual that many VMware consulting professionals tout is the fact that all users on a server are effectively using the same desktop when they are using a virtual model. That means that all software only needs to be purchased once, rather than buying a different set of software for ever computer. It also forces employees to use a common language when sharing resources, which can decrease confusion in the long rum. IT consultants generally agree that going virtual is a major help not only to companies who are looking to save some money on overhead but also to businesses that want to streamline the IT consulting process and are looking for a more efficient system.

Backup and Security

One item that many companies don’t think about is what happens should their business experience a major disaster. The exact nature of that disaster can range from a natural catastrophe like an earthquake or hurricane to something man-made, such as viruses and other malicious software. Using the virtualization model means that you are only actually dealing with a single desktop no matter how many people are logged in. This in turn means that you only have to watch one system for potential security breaches, violations of company policy, and so on. The virtual technology also makes backups a breeze, since the backup for a session is stored online rather than using an on-site server. In general, VMware is a great way for a business to streamline the way they do things, no matter what size organization you are dealing with. VMware consulting professionals are easy to find, meaning that making the transition is now easier than ever. At the very least, you should consider virtualization as a model that might streamline your business, especially if you have a lot of people working remotely or if you are looking to save some money.


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