Can Remote Tech Support Improve Employee Productivity?

Remote Tech SupportWith the constant changes in Information Technology, it’s a constant struggle for small to medium-sized business owners to keep pace. A new paradigm is transforming how businesses manage their IT Support: Remote Tech Support Outsourcing. Can leveraging Remote Tech Support keep your IT competitive and free your employees to focus on revenue creation?

Remote Tech Support is a subset of “Managed IT Services”. Managed IT Services can be defined as strategically outsourcing the day to day operations of a company’s IT infrastructure to a company with centralized network management and monitoring tools and processes. Remote Tech Support Software can monitor and triage systems 24 hours per day. Many larger organizations regularly choose this support option, while many SMB owners are still reluctant to go this route. Here are potential benefits of Remote Tech Support for small and medium sized businesses:

 1. Small Companies are More Reliant than Ever on Information Technology for their Survival.

The small business world has become increasingly dependent on IT. Almost all SMBs rely heavily on their Information Systems. With this increased reliance on IT comes an inherent rise in outages and failures – including data loss – and results in lost productivity. Remote Tech Support providers can typically reduce network downtime by 90% or more.

 2. Ignoring System Maintenance Causes Downtime

Gartner estimates that 80% of computer issues occur because of ignored IT Maintenance. Lack of qualified personnel and the cycles to execute IT maintenance procedures are a severe drag on uptime and productivity. Many Remote Technical Support programs include scheduled routine maintenance.

3. Information Technology is Becoming More Complex

Technology is rapidly becoming more complex, and the ability for SMBs to support them is fading. Software, Applications, Databases, and Virtualization are transforming the face of business IT and small to medium-sized businesses are not equipped to keep up with these constant changes. Relying on the right Remote Tech Support Company to keep up makes good business sense.

4. Remote Tech Support Companies Provide State-of-the-Art Solutions.

Managed IT Services providers are experts in the field of Information Technology, and can offer solutions that not only increase uptime, but can also deliver platforms that can make businesses more productive and competitive. By leveraging economies of scale, the Managed IT Services model gives you access to affordable state-of-the-art technologies previously only available to large enterprises.

5. Remote Tech Support Providers Can Help With Industry Compliance

SMBs can have challenging compliance requirements, but many owners don’t have a total understanding of how to comply with these regulations. Some Managed IT Services providers stay current on these requirements, and can help you win new business and avoid financial penalties.

6. Remote Tech Support Outsourcing Has a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

In the current economic environment, IT budgets have been cut to the bone. Unfortunately, businesses still rely on IT, but the cost cuts put them into the IT Death Spiral. Companies can spend more time on troubleshooting than they do on customer facing activities. The net result is that customer satisfaction takes a serious hit, and many businesses struggle just to stay even.

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