Outsourcing IT? Some Ideas to Consider

Outsourcing ITMaybe your company has been told to considering Outsourcing IT, or perhaps the constant changes in technology are making you wonder how best to handle the future of your company. Here are a few commonly asked questions concerning Outsourcing IT. These answers should help when making decisions about outsourcing an IT department.


Why Should I Outsource IT if My Employees are Doing Okay?

When it comes to technology, your current employees may be handling things just fine. The question should be how will they handle things in the future. Consider how much time employees spend fixing tech issues instead of focusing on their jobs. Outsourcing IT could free up your workers to be more productive or set up the company for expansion. While your employees may be doing “okay”, outsourcing could help them do “great”.

What are Some Common Reasons to Outsource IT?

Usually, Outsourcing IT comes down to costs. Outsourcing can help a company save money so they do not need to hire extra staff, pay more hours or buy new software. Outsourcing can also be about expansion, a company wants to offer more or advanced services to employees and customers. Finally, outsourcing can be about vision, making sure the IT department lines up with the rest of the company.  Another reason is that IT Service Companies will stay on top of IT-Outsourcing Trends. Then everyone is working towards mutual goals.

What Can I Expect to Save in Costs?

Key IT-Outsourcing Benefits are cost reductions and improved productivity. Expected Return on Investment (ROI) will differ between companies, but outsourcing IT can save an average of 30% in the IT department. Often employees are slowed down by basic tech issues on a daily basis. Maybe a company is overpaying for a few services from different vendors when outsourcing all IT would consolidate costs. Savings will depend on how many services are outsourced and how many personnel hours are currently used to handle IT.

Am I Losing Control Over my IT Department?

For hands-on business owners, IT-Outsourcing Services might feel like losing control over a part of the business. While it is true that the company handling IT will take over most of the day-to-day processes, they will not have complete control. A business owner can request regular updates, input and check-ins. If having a hand in the IT department is important, look for a managed IT service that promotes transparent communication. On the other hand, not constantly checking into the IT department could free up a business owner to pursue more important things!

How Do I Monitor the Success of Outsourcing IT?

Outsourcing ITDecide on very specific services and goals when first outsourcing IT. It is very important to have expectations in writing before hiring any company. Talk openly with the provider about what you imagine IT outsourcing to look like and listen to what they can offer. Compare vendors to get the exact services your business needs. The IT company should be able to provide milestones and ways to monitor their system. Be sure to regularly reevaluate your goals.

Taking the leap into outsourcing IT might feel a little scary, but with the right company it can relieve stress on you and your employees. By handing IT over to a professional, your business can become more productive and even save you some money. Hopefully, this article answered some of your questions about outsourcing IT.

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