Outsourced IT Support: 5 Ways to Protect Your Data

Outsourced IT SupportMore businesses than ever have access to their customers’ sensitive information and this should be taken into consideration with Outsourced IT Support. This data could be phone numbers or addresses, credit card information or even social security numbers. Since most of this information is digitally stored, it is at risk. Take steps to protect data when outsourcing.

Be Aware if You’ve Already Outsourced IT Support

The first and most important thing is to be aware of privacy issues if you’ve Outsourced IT Support. Figure out what data your company might have that is sensitive and note what kind of security measures you have in place. It might be worth reviewing the laws regarding what sort of data needs special protection to make sure the business is legally complying. Then review which bits of this data might be vulnerable due to IT Support Outsourcing.

Get Data Protection in Writing

Outsourcing sensitive data might be necessary and there is nothing illegal about sharing, but it is important to have certain security measures in place. Most companies that focus on IT-Outsourcing Services will already have considered the issue of sensitive data and have different options on protecting that information. Talk to your Outsourced IT Support provider about the kind of data they will have access to and the best way to keep it safe. Be sure to get it in writing.

Limit Data Access

Just because the business keeps sensitive details on file doesn’t mean all of it needs to be shared with outsourced IT services. Often, only some data needs to be shared, while most or all of the sensitive parts can be kept in a centralized location. Once another company or person has access to data, it becomes less secure. The best way to keep any information safe is to allow as few entities as possible the ability to get a hold of it.

Avoid Overseas Outsourcing

Be very careful when picking a company to handle Outsourced IT. Overseas  Information Technology Outsourcing companies do not have to comply with the same laws as the ones in the US. It is easier to pick a company in the same country because they will need to conform to all the same regulations and laws. Additionally, a US outsourced IT services company should not have any language barriers to obscure the expectations of data protection.

Outsourced IT Support: Have a Plan

Outsourced IT SupportFinally, be sure to have a plan in place in case something does go wrong. If there is a leak or information is hacked, know exactly what to do about it before hand. Create a plan with the company managing the Outsourced IT Support but also put together a plan internally to be followed. Data protection responsibility lies with the company who procured the information.

IT outsourcing is a great way to manage your business, but be sure to keep track of any sensitive data shared with that outside company. Review the laws, limit what private data is handled by another company and set up security measures to protect your customers and your business. Outsourced IT-Support Services can help you protect your data, but IT-Outsourcing Benefits need to outweigh the risks.

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