Outsourced IT: A Look Into the Future

Outsourced ITMuch can be said about the current state of Outsourced IT, but what does the future hold? The world of technology changes constantly, but a few trends have emerged. It is important for every business to be forward thinking, especially when it comes to handling IT. Here are some things to expect in the next 5-10 years regarding IT Outsourcing.

More Outsourcing, Less Staff

First, outsourcing isn’t going anywhere. More and more companies are opting to hire outside professionals to handle mundane tasks and spend their salary money on employees who can expand their business. A smaller, more effective core of employees is the new norm. Outsourced IT is just one of the many ways businesses are replacing superfluous staff with consultants and outside specialists.

Decentralization of Everything

Having one monolithic IT department that handles all of the company’s data and technology is a thing of the ’90s. Now every employee is mobile, works from home or on vacation and needs to have company information at his fingertips, available day or night. From smart phones to cloud services, decentralization is a liberating part of the modern economy. Outsourced IT makes this trend possible for any size business.

Outsourced IT Leads to More Automation

In the next decade, Outsourced IT will spend more time setting up automated processes for their clients. There will be less constant monitoring of programs, where one person sits in front of a screen answering help calls. Many basic services will run at the touch of a button. Software as a Service (SaaS) is only the beginning of this concept. Expect more programs to run with little-to-no human intervention.

Outsourced IT Leads to Higher Expectations on Customer Service

It used to be that anyone who worked in IT was practically a god. That’s probably why customers used to put up with rude or time consuming tech support. But those days are over. Now employees and consumers expect to be treated with respect, like a real person. Outsourced IT will need to have a proven track record of great customer service. Companies that don’t provide this human touch will be weeded out and deleted. Companies that provide IT-Outsourcing Services will also need to focus on providing great customer service to thrive.

Security and Privacy Issues for Outsourced IT

Unfortunately, the world of greater data sharing and mobility comes with a cost: greater security risks. As technology becomes easier to access, so will the chances of piracy and misuse. Privacy issues aren’t going away anytime soon. Outsourced IT will have to address security issues first and foremost for their clients: from basic firewalls to hacker-proofing data.

Efficiency is the Final Word

In a world where the economy works 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks and our business transactions move at the blink of an eye, efficiency will be the most prized of all benefits. Doing more with less is what every modern business wants: more sales with less staff, more reach with fewer dollars. In the future, outsourced IT companies will need to prioritize a demonstrated improvement in efficiency.

IT-Outsourcing Trends may not be fundamentally changing in the next few years, but its focus will shift to a more mobile and tech-savvy business environment. This super-fast, data-driven economy will have both risks and rewards. When looking to the future, expect Outsourced IT to emphasize the issues covered in this article.

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