Is Online Computer Support the Smart Choice for Business?

Online Computer SupportBusinesses are constantly seeking opportunities to streamline their Information Technology Support and reduce costs. One paradigm shift is outs outsourcing their IT services to a company that provides Online Computer Support called a “Managed Services Provider”. With the latest Managed IT Services monitoring and support tolls, Computer Help Online could be a viable option for many businesses, but there are also some potential landmines to avoid.

What are the Components of Business IT Support?

Business IT Support typically has 3 components:

    • End-User Support: Typically called a Help Desk, a company’s end-users have a phone number to call if they have an issue. A technician typically comes to their cubicle and resolves their issue
    • Infrastructure Support: Businesses typically have personnel to maintain and repair their Servers, Routers, and firewalls.
    • Hands-On Support: Some IT issues require technicians on site to fix issues that can’t be handled remotely

How Does Online Computer Support Work?

Companies that provide business Online Computer Support shift the paradigm by using state of the art IT monitoring and support tools to deliver services:

    • End-User Support: Remote monitoring and management tools are deployed on workstations to provide preventive maintenance such as virus sweeps, disk cleanup and hard drive defragmentation. End-users are provided an (800) number, and can call a remote help desk that can log into their systems remotely to fix issues.
    • Infrastructure Support: Managed IT Services Providers typically have Network Operations Centers (NOCs) that use state of the art tools to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot Network and Server Issues
    • Hands-On Support: Typically, a Managed Services Provider will dispatch a technician in a few hours to solve an issue that can’t be resolved remotely.

Typically, Online Computer Support is billed at a fixed monthly rate.

What are the Advantages of Online Computer Support for Business?

Online Computer Support can often deliver services that are far superior to standard, internal, IT Support:

    • Cost Reduction: Managed IT Services Providers use software tools to solve issues that are cost prohibitive to many organizations. Through economies of scale, MSPs can often deliver better services for less cost.
    • Improved Uptime: MSPs use tools that do automated maintenance and prevent system crashes. This alone can decrease computer downtime by 90% or more.
    • Increased Employee Productivity: Live Online Computer Support can help end-users solve their problems quickly and easily.

What are the Disadvantages?

There are several potential disadvantages to a company using Online Computer Support:

    • Hands-On Support: MSPs have to dispatch technicians, which could take hours, or days. It is strongly recommended that companies keep spare workstations available. It is also strongly advised that companies contract with MSPs that have guaranteed onsite dispatch guarantees called “Service Level Agreements” or “SLAs”.
    • Cultural Shift: Not to be understated, some employees may not like solving their issues over the phone, and are more comfortable working with technicians face to face. The objections to PC Repair Online usually cease after a few successful troubleshooting engagements.
    • Line of Business Application Support: Managed Services Providers cannot be experts in every LOB application. It is highly advised that customers maintain service contracts with their LOB application providers, and that the MSP is contractually obligated to assist in resolving application issues.

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