Do Microsoft Tablets Have a Place in Business Environments?

When it comes to computer support services, more and more businesses are turning to tablets due to their portability and their overall ability to make the workplace a more productive environment. Microsoft tablet support in particular is a great way to reduce costs and boost efficiency in almost any business environment.

Cost Effectiveness

Because a tablet costs about half as much as a traditional desktop or laptop computer, businesses are turning to them as a cost-effective alternative to these options. In fact, for this reason alone, it is estimated that about 30% of enterprise-based end users will use tablets rather than traditional computers. This is a staggering 18% of the global market, and Microsoft tablet support claims that it is ready and willing to take on this new, expanding group of consumers. Computer services are always changing, and Microsoft has proven time and time again that it is a world leader in not only providing the physical devices, but also in excellent computer support.


Another reason why so many businesses are turning to tablets rather than traditional computer service is the increased mobility that these devices provide. No longer do employees need to remain chained to their desks in order to process simple tasks; they can simply carry the tablet in their briefcases or bags and pull them out as needed on the elevator, in the break room, or even in the office of a colleague. This makes them especially useful in education and healthcare settings, since there is no need to continually move back and forth from one room to the next in order to enter or pull up vital information. Microsoft tablet support provides unprecedented mobility in many settings.

Increased Productivity

The efficiency of a business lends directly to the revenue it can generate, whether this means that more work gets done in a shorter amount of time or customer service needs are tended to more quickly. The ability to instantly enter or find information in a patient’s room, at a customer’s restaurant table or even on a construction site means that less time is spent manually writing down information and then later entering it into a database. This increased productivity means that consumers receive service more promptly, and that employees can spend their time doing things that are more productive in the long run.

Simple Integration

Finally, Microsoft tablet support offers seamless integration with existing equipment within a business setting. Dell tablets with Pentium or Atom processors can run applications like Microsoft Office, and are protected with the same firewall settings, passwords and encryption as the Windows 8 PCs that are located on site. Of course, the innovative SkyDrive technology allows information to be shared between tablets and PCs with ease, essentially using the PC as a “docking station” for the information.

Essentially, Microsoft tablet support can give businesses the power to get more done in a more efficient manner. It is worth any business – be it a restaurant, a hospital or even an advertising firm – to consider the possibilities that can be afforded by these portable, powerful devices.

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