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Does Your Technology Have You Tied Up in Knots?

CSM’s Small Business IT Support will totally eliminate your technology burdens at one low, flat, monthly rate. CSM’s Small Business Managed IT Services start with regularly scheduled strategic consulting by your dedicated Virtual CIO. Our Network Operations Centers (NOCs) will monitor your network and mission critical servers and applications 24×7 to keep them running at peak performance. Our Help Desk is available around the clock to solve your employees toughest technology challenges. If a problem can’t be resolved remotely, our Rapid Response Team is always on call to come to your rescue. CSM’s Small Business IT Services Team manages all of your technology challenges.

How Does CSM’s Small Business IT Support Work?

CSM offers 3 Small Business IT Support Services packages built on our Managed IT Services platform: NetSupport, NetRemote, and NetManage that can be custom tailored to your business and technology requirements. Each level of service bundles 5 key elements:

  • Proactive Remote Network and Server Support, Monitoring, and Management
  • Remote Help Desk Support for End-Users
  • Routine onsite support
  • Rapid Response on-site support for emergency remediation.
  • Expert strategic advice for your business from CSM’s Virtual CIO
  • All of our Managed Services are backed by CSM’s Relentless Small Business IT Support SLA’s

Focus on Engaging your Customers, Not Your IT

In today’s economy, managing your business just keeps getting tougher. The economy doesn’t show any signs of improving, and competitors are coming out of the woodwork. As a small business owner or executive, you know that information technology support can be a daily struggle. Computer systems and networks are becoming more complex, outpacing the abilities of your untrained office staff to support them. Doing your own it services for small business distracts your employees’ attention from where it belongs: engaging your customers and growing your bottom line.

Small Business IT Support Challenges

  • Frequent Computer and Networks Outages are causing you to miss deadlines
  • Unpredictable and outrageous small business IT support service charges are destroying your budget
  • Frustration from waiting days or weeks for your computer issues to be resolved
  • Your technology vendors routinely play the blame game, and computer issues never get fixed
  • Slow computer and network performance are killing productivity
  • Unresponsive technology support is leaving your employees playing solitaire, on your dime
  • Your small business IT Support Services vendor wants you to invest in new technology, but he can’t explain why

Small Business IT Support Benefits

  • Reduce IT costs and contain your budget: CSM’s Computer Support Small Business plans provide the support your unique business requires at one low, fixed monthly rate.
  • Leverage IT to gain a competitive advantage: CSM provides regularly scheduled strategy meetings with our Virtual CIO who will give you the technology sounding board your business requires
  • Improve your network performance and availability of core applications: CSM’s Network Operations Centers (NOCs) provide proactive Network and Server monitoring that will optimize performance and detect and remediate small issues before they create major outages.
  • Improve Employee Productivity: CSM’s trained and certified help desk professionals are able to resolve 98% of your employees’ computer issues remotely and usually within minutes, getting them back to work quickly.
  • Eliminate the runaround from multiple technology vendors: CSM’s NOC and Help Desk will coordinate support with your software and hardware vendors and eliminate provide seamless Small Business IT Support.

Hire CSM and Eliminate Your IT Support Headaches Forever

CSM’s holistic approach to Small Business IT Support provides total coverage 24/7. Our NOC monitors your Servers and Network, our 24/7 Helpdesk is always available, and our onsite support team is always ready to be dispatched at a moments notice. Not only will CSM eliminate your Small Business IT Support headaches, but we our rates are affordable for any company.

CSM’s Small Business IT Support Will Eliminate Your IT Headaches Forever!

Small Business IT Support

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