Off-Hours IT Support

Off-Hours IT Support

Do You Require IT Support 24/7 But Are Only Staffed During Business Hours? We Deliver Off-Hours IT Support…For a Fraction of the Cost of Hiring

CSM is the leading Managed IT Services Provider specializing in Off-Hours IT Support. Our Off-Hours Managed IT Services delivers remote monitoring, triage and remediation of Servers, Storage, VMs, Applications, and Network devices delivered as a Remote IT Support model. CSMs enterprise class NOC employs top of the line monitoring and management tools. Our NOC is staffed around the clock by certified server and network engineers that can solve almost any Information Technology Services problem.

Flexible and Cost Effective Off-Hours IT Support

CSM’s Co-Managed IT Services are flexible. Do you want to handle the patching? No Problem. Do some of your applications have complex SOPs? We can handle it. Do you want variable escalation processes? We’ve got it covered. Our Managed IT Support Solutions are always up to the task.

Are Budget Constraints Crippling Your Off-Hours IT Support Capabilities?

For many organizations, keeping their vital systems running 24×7 is a daunting task. Unfortunately, your IT department is only budgeted for staff during business hours, but your business requires 24×365 availability of vital LOB applications as well as end-user Computer Support. To meet these demands, your staff is probably forced to work nights and weekends, and this is putting stress on their personal lives. Maybe this is a cause for low morale, and high staff turnover… CSM’s Managed IT Services Off-Hours Support can give your staff the break it deserves.

So Why Not Staff 24×7?

The Math is Simple and Irrefutable:
Hours in a 7 Day Week 168
Hours in Standard Work Week 40
Unstaffed Hours 128
Additional Shifts 4

CSM Can Design Custom Off-Hours IT Support Plans for Your Unique Business

You can pick and choose which devices to monitor and manage, and CSM can design custom SOPs to keep them running. We support Cisco, Windows, Linux, and Juniper as well as a whole host of other manufacturers. CSM will craft a Custom Off-Hours IT Support solution to fit your operational requirements.

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