Is it Time to Upgrade your Business to Windows 8?

Windows 8 is the newest operating system available from the software giant Microsoft. Are there benefits of upgrading the computer support services of your business to Windows 8?


A Windows 8 upgrade is an ideal computer service, even if you are not planning on upgrading your current hardware. Windows 8 requires fewer recourses and less ram than Windows 7. It boots up faster, and runs smoother than its earlier counterparts. It also runs better on older machines than Windows 7 does. It can be a very cost-effective upgrade, because you don’t have to purchase new computers or hardware in order to run it.


Security has been improved dramatically in Windows 8. The implementation of Windows Defender, which provides all-in-one virus, spyware, and malware protection, has made sure of that. If you would prefer to use other software to protect your systems, Windows Defender is easily turned off. Windows 8 is also equipped with a smart screen filter, that filters all programs and files that are downloaded from the internet. Everything is scanned, and threatening files are quarantined. Because it is a part of a Windows 8 upgrade and not a browser add on, it works with all browsers.

Sky Drive

One of the major new aspects of the Windows 8 upgrade is the implementation of the Sky Drive, Window’s cloud storage service. Many if not most of the apps available through Windows 8 are designed to store their information in the Sky Drive. It also allows users to access their files from anywhere that they may have internet access. With the creation of a username and password, users can access files on their cloud from any computer that runs Windows 8, and many files can be accessed from other computers.

Touch Input

The main change in a Windows 8 upgrade is the drastic alteration of the layout. While keyboards and mice are still the main tools for navigating a computer, it has also been optimized for use on touch screens. Tablets and all-in-one touch screen computers are optimized for this operating system. It is ideal for picture editing, project creation, or even simply note taking during a lecture or seminar. In spite of this optimization for touch screens, the operating system still supports a full array of keyboard short cuts.

Learning Curve

The only real problem that might occur during the implementation of a Windows 8 upgrade is the learning curve. Those who are used to the layouts of Windows XP or 7 may find it difficult to adapt to the interface. It could cause a drop in productivity while employees learn the new system, and you may find that there are some employees who cannot or will not adapt to the new system. This can be circumvented by providing training sessions or seminars before the new upgrade begins, or even individual training for people who seem to be having the most trouble.

These are just a few of the things to consider when deciding whether to upgrade your business to Windows 8. If done properly, it can be a great boon to any business. For more information on Windows 8 upgrades, please visit our website.

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