IT Services Outsourcing: First Steps

IT Services OutsourcingBefore you get started choosing a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to handle your company’s IT Services Outsourcing, here are some things to consider. Take these first few steps before getting into the real decision-making process. Not only will it help you be informed and prepared, but it will help you get the most out of your IT Support Services.

Decide What IT Processes to Outsource Beforehand

Before meeting with any vendor to discuss IT Services Outsourcing, review exactly  why outsource IT-Services. Take a look at your IT department: what functions are necessary? Take into account what processes you need but are missing. Also, take note of any technology you would like to have in a perfect world. Remember, any process that defines your business should not be outsourced. In other words, only outsource what keeps your business functioning.

Identify your IT Shortcomings

It’s not enough to decide what IT functions you would like to outsource, so really take a brutal magnifying glass to the entire department. Think about what tech problems are holding back your business. IT Services Outsourcing can fill any of these gaps. Review your entire supply chain, your client interactions and your day-to-day productivity and any process that interacts with technology. IT Services Outsourcing should prevent any glaring issues you see during your current evaluation.

Prioritize your IT Services Outsourcing Needs

Once you have a good idea of the functions you need IT Services Outsourcing to cover, write them down. List each need by order of importance. When you get further into the decision process, don’t forget this list. Any MSP who does not offer your top services should not be considered, no matter how cheap or persuasive they are. That is why it is important to prioritize your needs before opening your business up to outside influences.

Prepare your Staff For IT Changes

Before starting a dialogue with a provider about IT Services Outsourcing, spend some time preparing your staff for any changes. This can include promoting the benefits that outsourcing will provide, not only for your business, but each employee personally. This also means being open with staff about possible hurdles during transition. If IT-Support Outsourcing will include firing employees, start preventative measures to protect staff morale.

Interview Multiple IT Services Outsourcing Vendors

Now that you have a good idea of what you want out of IT Support Outsourcing, you can begin the interview process. It’s important to actually talk to multiple MSPs, not just read their websites and reviews. Interviewing providers will give you a window into how they handle business transactions and the level of communication you can expect. Draw up a list of basic questions and compare responses.

This article should help any business get started when considering IT outsourcing. These steps should be taken before even interacting with a provider so that you can take a frank look at your current IT needs. IT Services Outsourcing can provide many benefits for your business as long as you are prepared and informed during the decision-making process.

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