CSM IT Partner Page

CSM IT Partner Page

A leader in computer infrastructure products, CSM has partnered with Cisco Systems for many years in servicing our clients IT Outsourcing needs. We focus on routers, switches, wireless access and unified communication needs as a Premier Partner.

Panasonic Rugged Toughbooks have been a favorite in many different market segments where industrial strength and technology need to work in tandem to provide a customer a robust solution. CSM has partnered with Panasonic to deliver rugged PC solutions and is an authorized NJ state contract vendor as well.

All of our clients continue to have a strong Microsoft presence in their offices and we continue to support Microsoft Solutions as a technical it outsourcing provider of goods and services. We specialize in desktop, file server and exchange server services.

The innovator of the personal computer, IBM continues to leverage its expertise in bringing world class solutions to the small, mid and large cap client accounts. CSM works with IBM blade server technology as well as server virtualization and email archiving.

CSM not only sells hardware, software and installation services, but we also are there to support our installations. Through the extensive use of remote monitoring and management software solutions provided by our partner N Able, we can keep our clients computer systems running optimally.

Unified communications is the evolution of the traditional business phone systems. We provide unified communication solutions of different varieties. One solution is to full outsource all switching and management and only have IP based phones in your office. CSM has partnered with Vantage Communications to provide this type of solution.

HP has been one of the largest produces of computer desktops, laptops, servers, printers and storage devices for years. As part of many of our solutions we partner with HP to provide high availability solutions for our clients.

A division of General Dynamics, Itronix is truly a government grade rugged laptop solution. For those who need government grade reliability and expertise, we suggest and have partnered with Itronix.

Every network needs web traffic control to monitor usage of Internet access. Bandwidth preservation, employee productivity and appropriate content are all needs of any office size and type. Its a need in education environments to small and large size business. Blue Coat is our product of choice and who we have partnered with for this solution.

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