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CSM began offering IT (information technology) services to State and Local governments since 1984. Since that time we have had experience in all facets of the technology procurement process. We understand the process and how it does not go fast, but rather methodically. The ability to adjust purchase orders, work with procurement and submit paperwork in a timely fashion for an outsourced technology provider is not an easy thing for a company to do. Its a skill being government IT support partner and provider. We at CSM have not only learned that process, we grew our company in that process. With almost 30 years experience in government IT Outsourcing Services, there is no situation we are not use to or have not dealt with in the past. Patience is our friend in government contracting. We understand your needs!

Government IT Outsourcing

To be an effective government IT outsourcing partner you must have the knowledge of how the system works. Our experience has show us that to be an effective outsourcing partner we must have the essentials: Government Contracts. In the State of New Jersey. We held the prestigious mini-micro computer  contract for many years. When that contract expired, we continued our relationship with WSCA for IT products and IT services. As local consortium’s have taken root we have engaged with those such as HCESC (Hunterdon County Educational Services Council) to extend our abilities of offering IT services to all government agency types. Please visit our Government IT Support Contracts page to see other contracts we can offer.  If there is an IT services contract you need, please let us know as we might be authorized directly from the manufacturer as well.

Ongoing IT Services for Government

One of our strong beliefs in building an IT outsourcing company over 30 years is to make sure we do the right thing for our customers. We are in it for the long haul and believe the sale does not finish upon submitting a purchase order, but rather only begins. Our goal is to provide outstanding IT services for government agencies from the time of sale and for years to come. IT service providers come and go, but its important for you to deal with a reputable government IT outsourcing company who will continue to provide new solutions and support your current hardware/software platforms. Inquire about our ongoing managed services programs where we can remotely come on site for blocks of time to maintain your equipment or remotely provide IT services for government as well.

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