Five Truths about IT Outsource Engagements

There are lots of articles offering advice on where and how to IT Outsource, and it can be frustrating to sort through that information. To simplify a few things, here are five truths to IT Outsourcing. Remember these five things when considering or evaluating a managed service provider (MSP) in regards Information Technology Outsourcing. department.

#1: Less Stress is the Number 1 Reason for Outsourcing

IT OutsourceAccording to a survey of small business owners participating in outsourcing, neither cost nor efficiency were the top reasons they decided to IT Outsource. While improved efficiency and saving money are undisputed benefits of using an MSP, the number one reason most of these companies chose to IT Outsource was because of stress. Tech issues can quickly become a headache when they interrupt the regular flow of business. If you’re stressed about IT, outsourcing can be a solution.


#2: The Top Reason to be Unhappy with Outsourcing is Documentation

When businesses surveyed listed reasons they might not be happy with their IT Outsource company, quality was the most common reason cited. Businesses thought their MSP did not provide the level of service they were promised. When digging into this answer with follow-up questions, it turned out that what business owners were really looking for was better documentation. It’s important to know what kinds of services are actually being provided, so when talking to MSPs, discuss how they will keep you informed on their projects.

#3: There may be Upfront Costs during an IT Outsource Transition

Most companies see a significant saving when switching over to an IT Outsource provider. What is often not discussed is the possible costs associated with transition from in-house to managed services. Sometimes new software or hardware will need to be purchased, and extra hours may need to be put in to make the process goes smoothly. These costs are usually one-time expenditures, but be sure your business is prepared for them.

#4: IT Outsource Engagements are Not Irreversible

If you are already working with an IT Outsource company and are unhappy with your service, don’t despair. Outsourcing is not irreversible. Contracts can be renegotiated or terminated, and often steps can be taken to avoid litigation. If you want to change providers, there are still options available to your business. Canceling an IT contract is not a simple process, but it is also not impossible.

#5: Relationship with an IT Outsource Provider is Defined by You

The role of the IT Outsource provider should always be defined by your business. You are the customer, so whatever role you want an MSP to serve is completely up to you. They can have a relationship as a vendor, consultant or even act as a business partner. Remember, the business should always have control of the relationship with a provider, so don’t be afraid to define your parameters up front.

It is important to remember these five truths no matter where you are in the process of choosing IT support. If you are currently outsourcing and want to change, or just looking into the benefits, keep these few tips in mind. IT-Support Outsourcing is an important strategic decision for your business, so be sure to find the right IT Outsource provider for your needs.

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