Network Assessments

Network Assessments

CSM’s Network Assessment is the first step in IT Consulting, and provides you with a solid view regarding your network infrastructure. Should your organization be looking to update or expand your network, step one is to comprehend the functions and flaws of your existing network. We can help. Our Network Assessment identifies equipment that should be replaced and critiques overall performance issues such as bottlenecks. If system troubles are found, we can easily supply remediation plans to correct problems and enhance your network’s performance.

How a Network Assessment Works

Our Network Assessment is a practical way to recognize network problems or to commence network infrastructure development, growth, or upgrade discussions. It outlines the key concerns that you should address to make certain of an effective implementation and growth.

Our Network Assessments helps you understand how your IT hardware and software work together. We begin by building a network road map that graphically represents your network equipment layout. This enables you to plan your network IT budget more efficiently.

The hardware and software lifecycle is analyzed and comprehensive inventory reports are created. We summarize the equipment with functionality concerns so that you can swiftly identify problem areas and bottlenecks. Then we complete the reviews and make strategies for enhancements.

Network Assessment Benefits

Our Network Assessment presents complete documentation to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the present environment.

  • You can generate a guideline and find out which areas of your infrastructure provide you with the best investments to achieve your required network performance.
  • To Maximize, You Need To First Analyze

To help you comprehend the bigger picture, a Network Assessment will:

  • Provide a network inventory evaluation
  • Identify network issues/concerns
  • Document the network & evaluate baseline traffic assessment
  • Gather and correlate the data collected to provide extensive understanding of the network and its particular effectiveness

What to Expect

Our Network Assessment Methodology is designed to provide a deep-dive into your network environment:

  • First there is a kickoff call to examine documents and schedule your evaluation.
  • Then an engineer validates the details.
  • Ultimately we ready your deliverables and guidance document and provide an executive review of the conclusions

IT Assessment Deliverables

Our Network Assessment Methodology is designed to provide a deep-dive into your network environment:

  • Asset Inventory
  • Network Topology
  • Detailed Infrastructure Investigation

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