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Computer Systems and Methods provides Virtual Desktop Integration consulting services to help your team leverage the cost savings, mobility advantages, and stability of VDI Whether you are looking for consulting, implementation or 24×7 VDI Management, CSM can deliver IT Consulting at any point in the Information Technology Lifecycle.

CSM’s Desktop Virtualization and VDI Consulting Services

  • Virtual Desktop Assessments
  • VDI Solutions Architecture
  • Deployment Modeling and Scaling
  • Desktop Virtualization Assistance IT Support for Line-of-Business Applications
  • Project Management for Virtual Desktop Implementation
  • Training and End User Support
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Education of Staff
  • Software Licensing and Resourcing

So many Desktop Virtualization Types… What is the Best VDI Solution?

Computer Systems and Methods has over 30 years of experience solving the world’s most demanding customer’s most difficult technology challenges. Our consultants can reference real-world best practices that work and show consistent ROI for our customers. It is not always the case that a technology is the right technology. Customers evaluating VDI Solutions have questions as they evaluate this technology. Some questions include:

  • How to accomplish Microsoft Desktop Virtualization?
  • Can Linux Desktop Virtualization happen?
  • Application Virtualization – pros and cons
  • Local Desktop Virtualization, is it for all users?

What are Desktop Virtualization Benefits?

Deploying technology for the sake of technology is an IT nightmare and one that can cause major damage. With any VDI Solution a thorough analysis is needed before making a decision.  After an anlaysis, if it makes sense to use desktop virtualization, we often recommend a phased or trial roll out process. Its often better to try it and see if it delivers the promise of efficiency and effectiveness.  We have many experiences from other customers we can share and offer guidance on best practices.

Contact CSM for an in-depth analysis and free network assessment of your VDI solutions needs.

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