Is Microsoft Office 365 the Right Choice for Your Business?

Microsoft Office 365 can be a very useful and cost-effective tool for small and large businesses alike. The question is, though, is this computer service the right choice for your business?


 Almost everyone who uses a Windows computer is familiar with the basics of Microsoft Office. The programs in Office 365 are the same programs that your employees may use on their own home computers. The programs have been streamlined though, making these computer services much more user friendly for even the most inexperienced Office 365 user. The improved interfaces may even increase productivity.

Business Email and Calendar

Nothing is worse than trying to organize a large team on a deadline without some sort of communal calendar. Microsoft Office 365 supports a calendar, and gives administrators and managers an easy-to-use program that is accessible by anyone. It also provides a business email address for each person, with the ability to use a personalized domain name, rather than a generic Gmail address. Each person is able to access his or her business email and calendar accounts from any device, mobile or otherwise, which is a beneficial computer service for a business that is on the move, or needs to be constantly in contact.

Web Conferencing

This aspect of Office 365 support is ideal for any business that has multiple offices, either across the nation or worldwide. Office 365 provides HD video conferencing for up to 250 people at one time. It also allows people to connect with Lync or Skype accounts, so it is easy to include clients or customers who need to be part of the conferences, but may not have login information for Office 365. It also provides the added benefit of being able to connect from any device, as long as the device has a data or Wi-Fi connection.

File Sharing

The file sharing aspect of Office 365 allows employees to work from anywhere. Files are constantly updated, and rather than working from more than one copy of a file, everyone on the project is able to work on the same master file. Projects and shared documents are all kept in one place, and administrators even have the option of setting up a dedicated project mailbox so all correspondence for it is easily accessible. As another aspect of Office 365 support, administrators are able to create and review proposals and projects, and assign tasks all from one streamlined menu. This new level of computer support makes consolidating projects much simpler than before.

Web Hosting

Possibly one of the most useful computer services is the ability to create a functional and attractive website easily and quickly. Microsoft Office 365 support allows a business to claim a domain name and create a website without additional hosting fees. The price of the website is included in the annual fee for the company. The website itself is easy to build, with no programming experience required. The websites are social networking compatible, and also include an easy-to-use blog so that businesses can keep their clients and customers apprised of things that are happening within the company. These are just a few of the many aspects of Microsoft Office 365 that can make it a cost-effective investment for any company, whether it’s a small business with 25 employees or a corporation of 3,000. To find out more about Microsoft Office 365 and whether or not it’s right for your business, please visit our website. [widgets_on_pages id=”Computer Support Services”]