6 Information Technology Outsourcing Trends (and How You Can Benefit from Them)

Information Technology Outsourcing TrendsAs business computer services evolve in the new century, the benefits for businesses using them have increased. A number of emerging Information Technology Outsourcing Trends have altered the landscape of technology, and changed the way Managed Services Providers (MSPs) interact with their clients. Here are a few of the trends coming up this year and how they can help you.


Information Technology Outsourcing Trend #1: A Managed Services Provider as a Partner

The current expectation of an MSP is not to just check off technology tasks on some far-removed list, but to be a partner and consultant to the business. This means an MSP is expected to work with your business, discuss plans and long-term goals, and advise the best ways to reach them. Previously, business computer services were very impersonal. Now, companies require a relationship with their provider, so be sure to find an MSP who you can work closely with on your Information Technology Outsourcing.

Information Technology Outsourcing Trend #2: No More Offshoring

It used to be that outsourcing any business computer services meant working with India or China. After the change in the economy, the demand for using American workers has grown. “Offshoring” has become a dirty word. There are many positive side effects for your business with this change. You no longer have to worry about currency exchange, language barriers or international business laws. In addition, your business can proudly point to how it provides jobs here at home.

Information Technology Outsourcing Trend #3: Greater Demand for Cloud Services

Cloud computing has become exponentially popular in the last few years, and has many possible business applications. Cloud computing is now an expected part of business computer services. This means any Information Technology Outsourcing Company your business considers will be prepared to offer cloud computing or at least recommend a service. This trend will expand the possible business computer services your provider will offer.

Information Technology Outsourcing Trend #4: Complete Integration

It’s not enough anymore for an MSP to provide just one basic service. Along with the expectation of partnership when it comes to long-term goals, integrating processes is now a requirement as well. The latest Information Technology Outsourcing Trends in vertical integration means that one department will manage everything, which is why an MSP is such a good option. All business computer services should work together in sync. This way, your company never has to worry about who is in charge of what.

Information Technology Outsourcing Trend#5: Greater Emphasis on Best Practices

Best practice standards like ISO 20000 and ITIL have been around long enough to prove their effectiveness. The current Information Technology Outsourcing Trends show that companies expect to outsource with these global standards in mind. Information-Systems Outsourcing services are now held to a higher standard, one that formats an IT department to be goal and future oriented. This trend relates to the others. Businesses now demand a more complex service that covers all processes, and holds them to an international standard.

Most of the trends listed in this article interconnect: a partner who looks at the big picture, works closely with the business and provides a standardized service. Much more is expected from an MSP in today’s market, which is good news for your business. Now you can take advantage of the enhanced performance requirements in your business computer services.

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