Information Technology Outsourcing by the Numbers

Information Technology OutsourcingIf your business is trying to decide whether or not to invest in Information Technology Outsourcing, take a minute to look at the numbers. This article will highlight some of the important measurements in the IT industry that relate to outsourcing. Numbers don’t lie, so check out these facts on IT Outsourcing Companies.

28% of Outsourcing is for IT

When looking at all outsourcing done in the U.S., Information Technology Outsourcing is the most common. More businesses choose to outsource IT than any other department. So what does this mean for your business? Information Technology Outsourcing has been around a long time, yet many companies still choose to do it. That means outside IT support is reliable, worth the cost and has a competitive market your business can take advantage of.

57% of Small Business Spending is on Staffing

The number one expense for most small businesses is staffing. In fact, for most companies, this takes up more than half of their budget. Information Technology Outsourcing can help lower that cost significantly by replacing the need to hire any additional employees. By outsourcing an entire department or part of it, those costs are freed up to be spent on other news like development or marketing.

Small Business Spending on IT Increased $30,000 in the Past Year

Information Technology OutsourcingIt’s true that over time, certain pieces of equipment become cheaper. In a constantly changing technology environment, there is also more of it. Businesses have to rely more on technology than ever before: hardware, software, and even privacy measures take up costs. IT is not becoming cheaper; it is only consuming more resources for the average business. This is an area Information Technology Outsourcing can help with by providing software, functions and maintaining hardware at a reduced cost.

Information Technology Outsourcing Saves 30% – 70%

SMBs report an average savings of 30% after switching to Information Technology Outsourcing. Larger companies with internal IT departments report savings of 70% or more when they augment their staff with managed services. The benefits of this statistic are obvious: making the switch can save your business money. Obviously, it is important to compare annual IT outsourcing costs with current IT costs and find out exactly how much your business would save. Be sure to find your real expenditure by incorporating lost hours of productivity due to network down time and employee troubleshooting.

More than 70% of IT Costs go to Daily Functions

When including labor costs (programming, tech support and other IT work) more than 70% of IT costs go to just maintaining the status quo. Information Technology Outsourcing can free up some of these resources by automating the basic daily processes that any IT department runs on. By not worrying about network maintenance, your IT budget can be used for more important things.

Hopefully, these numbers gave you a little more insight into how to Outsource IT Services. Remember that most of these Outsourcing Technology Services numbers are based on an average, and will vary from business to business. Take time to discover the exact numbers in relation to your own company, and then find out if Information Technology Outsourcing is right for you.

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