Considerations for a Successful Data Center Relocation

Moving a data center can be one of the most intimidating tasks that an organization can undertake. For this reason, it is important to speak with an IT Consulting Firm experienced in data center consulting. Regardless of what sort of help you seek out, there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure a smooth relocation as well. Some of those steps are detailed below.

Identify your Dependencies

Anybody skilled in IT consulting will remind you about the importance of recognizing hardware and software dependencies during any move. If one department’s resources can’t function properly without another set of resources already in place, you obviously need to move the latter resources first. If you are confused about where your dependencies lie, that’s when it’s best to ask for help from your data center consulting team. You should make sure you have all dependencies properly identified and clearly labeled in advance so you can minimize confusion during the move. Knowing what order you will be transferring resources in is one of the most important steps you can take.

Catalogue your Moving Resources

Good IT consulting firms know that it is always important to have a list of exactly what resources are available. When making a move, you should have a catalogue of all moving resources you can expect to use, whether it comes from your own business, the data center consulting group you are working with, or another third party. When developing this resource list, you should also plan out an elaborate plan for your move day, including every step you expect to take and making sure to note which party is responsible for which part of the day. This is all part of the organizational process, and that process is often the one that determines whether your move is a success or a failure.

Stick to your Plan

There will be proverbial monkey wrenches thrown into the works in any large-scale event, and that includes a data center move. Whether it is a key IT consultant being unexpectedly ill or the mislabeling of certain resources, you can expect to have to adjust to chaos on the fly. However, you will find it much easier to adjust if you try to stick to your initial plan as much as possible. Deviate from your initial move plans only when an unexpected variable forces the change. Aside from that, trust that you and the data center consulting firm you have been working with came up with a good plan. The more you stick to the details already drawn up, the fewer variables you will have to deal with.

Following the steps above and supplementing them with additional data center consulting advice can help you make sure that your move goes relatively smoothly. While moving an entire data center is a massive undertaking for any business, good organization, a strong allocation of your available resources, and the discipline to stick to your initial plan will see you through many potential troubles.


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