Computer Support Services: What to Expect

Computer Support ServicesComputer Support Services may sound like a somewhat vague term. Exactly what kind of support can you expect your business to receive from a managed services provider (MSP)? This article should clarify just a few of the services IT Support should offer. Remember, many MSPs can provide even more specialized support, but these are common features to look for.

IT Helpdesk – The Front Line of Computer Support Services

The IT Helpdesk is what many people commonly think of as “tech support”. It is the ability to call a professional for help whenever a technical problem arises. Computer Support Service should always include this useful feature. A virtual Helpdesk can keep your company on track and reduce the need to hire extra Tech Support/Service employees in the IT department. It gives your company the ability to access expert advice 24-hours a day.

Remote Technical Support – Computer Support Service 24/7

Many MSPs offer remote technology as part of their Computer Support Services. This means that the provider has software that will allow them to remotely access and fix any device owned by your business. This gives the provider a unique ability to actually see the technical problem instead of just guessing based on a caller’s description. Remote access for IT Service Support can also include the ability to update and restore programs from off site.

Network Management – Optimizing Performance and Reducing Downtime

Another important part of Computer Support Services is Network Management. Network Management can easily be summed up as keeping your network online at all times. This means never again being unable to send an email or losing work because of an outage or other network down time. Many companies lose significant productivity due to network connectivity problems. When looking into Computer Support Services, be sure to ask about network management.

Server Maintenance – Keep Those Mission Critical Applications Running

Server Maintenance takes network management another step farther. It should include updates and preventative measures to keep a server and mission critical applications running. Some Computer Support Services may also include server virtualization. Server virtualization handles the division of a server into multiple private environments, protected from one another and from users. This is a way to more efficiently use server resources, making your company’s Information Technology more cost effective.

Online Backup – Computer Support Services that Protect Your Investment

It doesn’t matter if you require hard copies or prefer a cloud computing space, creating a backup of important data is an essential part of most Computer Support Services. If you have ever had a phone or laptop die, you know how important it is to have an extra copy of contacts and documents. For a business, this is even more vital. An MSP can backup files to a cloud space or set up a process that regularly saves files to a separate hard drive remotely.

These are just a few of the services to expect from an MSP. Others can include Software as a Service (SAAS), cloud computing or data security. Many of these features may be difficult or expensive for a small business to maintain on their own which is why IT Support can be such a great tool. Be sure to discuss these important aspects of Computer Support Services with your provider.

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