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What CSM Offers

CSM’s Large Business Managed IT Services start with regularly scheduled strategic consulting by your dedicated Virtual CIO. Our goal is to eliminate your technology burdens by consulting with you on your IT strategic plan.

The CSM Help Desk is available 24x7 to solve your employee’s toughest technology challenges. This eliminates your IT department from doing little tasks that take away from their strategic needs.

Our Network Operations Centers (NOCs) will monitor your network and mission critical servers and applications around the clock to keep them running at peak performance. We take over when your IT department goes home and augment the strategic plan to provide a full 24x7 service offering. When a problem happens, and if it can’t be resolved remotely, our Rapid Response Team is always on call to come to your rescue. CSM’s LargeBusiness IT Services Team manages all of your technology challenges.

We understand Large Business IT Support Challenges

  • Having an IT Strategy is essential to have failovers and limited downtime.
  • The IT Department might need specialists from time to time to lean on.
  • Systems for ticketing and management might need to be improved.
  • The IT department will not bring in outside experts in fear they will be judged.
  • There is so much firefighting, nobody is planning the IT growth plan.
  • When there are network issues, the IT guy is not available for even help desk.
  • You have a budget for IT spend, however, the IT department is not clear why.
  • There should be a balance of outsource and insource, but it never happens right.

Large Business IT Services Benefits

  • CSM Leverages IT to gain a strategic competitive advantage
  • CSM Improves your network performance & availability of core applications
  • CSM Reduces IT costs and contains your budget
  • CSM Improves Employee Productivity trained & certified help desk professionals
  • CSM Eliminates the runaround from multiple technology vendors

How CSM Delivers

CSM offers Large Business IT Support Services packages built on our Managed IT Services platform. We create custom packages, however, each level of service always includes:

5 key elements:

  • Expert strategic advice for your business from CSM’s Virtual CIO
  • Proactive Remote Network and Server Support, Monitoring, and Management
  • Rapid Response on-site support for emergency remediation.
  • Remote Help Desk Support for End-Users
  • An IT strategic partner who can build solutions for your business and its future

All of our Managed Services are backed by CSM’s Relentless Large Business IT Support SLA’s. CSM’s holistic approach to Large Business IT Support provides total coverage 24/7. Our NOC monitors your Servers and Network, our 24/7 Helpdesk is always available, and our onsite support team is always ready to be y our Large Business IT Support headaches, but our rates are affordable for any company.

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CSM’s Step Approach to
Relentless IT Support 24/7

Focus: CSM’s sole mission is to provide business-driven IT solutions. Our goal is to help you grow your bottom line andmitigate your company’s risk.

Expertise: CSM hires and trians the hardest working and most knowledgeable talent in the world. Our people are driven to provide you with the right answers, every single day.

Reliability: CSM is always there when you need us, providing expert support around the clock.

Accountability: Our people are held to the highest standards, and our service agreements are backed by some of the toughest SLA’s in the industry. We deliver results.

Responsiveness: CSM treats every customers request with the highest priority.
We will never keep you waiting.

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